Meet the First Years, Same as the Second Years

Meet the First Years, Same as the Second Years

We’re deep into the fall 2018 semester here folks. November is a month in which my gallery management class and the Hokin Gallery are hosting “The Final Trope” (check it out at 623 S. Wabash if you’re in Chicago and you have a moment), which opened on October 29. We had a great opening night, including a panel on “Women in Horror.” I’ve got horror movies on the brain excessively, which luckily ties right into the Halloween season—excellent timing on our gallery’s part, don’t you know?

Meanwhile, time management is rearing its ugly head once again as I am busy planning the release of my line of clothing for an event for “This Free Life” at the Moxy Hotel on Saturday, November 17. The night is 18+ so if any Columbia College students are reading this: please attend! I’ll be hosting a pop-up shop in drag for my line, and it’s sure to be a momentous night. The best part about this project is the classic two-for-one graduate school approach: when you have a project that makes sense to apply to your classes, then by all means, apply it! This semester in New Media Strategies, my group (including Veronica Inberg and Andrei Akimov) are working on my brand, and Kelly Boner, to implement this clothing line as well as a new collaboration that I’m working on with Avon. The collaboration with Avon is with my local Avon Lady, Julia Arrendondo, who is providing Avon products for me to make drag looks! We filmed a zombie makeup tutorial with Avon that we released today. Check it out here:


While I’m busy doing too much, the second years are going through the foundational first semester I remember so well from last year—Marketing, Economics, Accounting, and that one last elective. While my cohort scurries to prepare for graduating and planning our paths after our last year, the new cohort is just getting to know each other.

To that end, it seems unfair for the new group not to have a moment in the spotlight on Marginalia. I polled the group for their basic information and while I could not round everyone up to participate, the brave souls who responded are listed below:

Charlie Stock
Area of Interest: Theater
From: Topeka, Kansas

Nia Stringfellow
Area of Interest: Dance! Interested in African American dance history.
From: Olympia Fields, IL
Additional Information: Nia would like to operate her own dance performance and fitness company.

Cara Weaver
Area of Interest: Music, Theater
From: Casper, Wyoming

Crissy Nordin 
Area of Interest: Theatre Producing
From: St. Louis, Missouri
Additional Information: Crissy is a former music teacher and mother to two beautiful girls!

Crispin Torres
Area of Interest: Music
From: Chicago, Illinois


Yvvi Atanassov🤘 
Nationality: Bulgarian-Hungarian
Area of interest: Contemporary art galleries/museums. Undergraduate degree in history and philosophy.


Malika Karasek-Bereza
From: Montreal, Canada
Area of interest: program development to introduce/engage youth in arts/culture (specifically more traditional music forms e.g. opera). Undergraduate degree in art history and religious studies.

Mary Colleen Schultz
From: San Francisco Bay area
Area of interest: Contemporary art galleries/museums. Undergraduate degree in photography and graphic design.