Summertime Radness

Summertime Radness

I’m writing this post under a pile of deadlines.

I’m the guy with the football, the football is the summer, and everyone else in this image is deadlines.

I’m happy with the work I’ve accomplished this semester (and my god there’s been a lot of it), but mostly I’m ready to enter into sweet, sweet summertime. The weather has finally broken here in Chicago and I’m writing this blog post–get this–with my apartment windows open.

So in celebration of the end of our first year, I’ve asked for some of my cohort to weigh in on their summer plans.

Emily Chervony
“I’m going to be working with Chicago Opera Theater, helping out with their summer teen program and planning for the upcoming year. Also celebrating my 3rd anniversary with [my husband] by traveling to NOLA in late May!”

Veronica Inberg
“Interning with the Department of Exhibitions, Performance and Student Spaces, working at the Museum of Contemporary Art store, visiting family in NYC, and hopefully getting accepted to go to the CommonBound conference in St Louis. Oh, and going to the beach as much as possible and gettin my taaaan on.”

Rana Liu
“I’ll be splitting my time between Montreal and Chicago. First half will be putting up a new show with my theatre company, Blowfish Theatre Company, at the Montreal Fringe! The second half is still in the works so stay tuned…”

Lena Ludwig
“I’m part of the Global Development Team of ChooseChicago over the summer. It’s the company who nationally and internationally markets the City of Chicago.  I’ll go back ‘home’ to Germany for two weeks and there’ll be a road trip to Washington state as well. I’m excited for summer.”

Andrei Akimov
“I’m going to work on restructure of the company I work for, launching a new web site to sell tickets online, explore online Russian market in South America in order to bring Russian concerts there in 2019, going to explore possibilities to bring European artist to US in 2019, going to another tour in June. And probably will travel to Mexico, and Burning Man in August. And of course training a lot for New York marathon.”

Shauna Turnmire
“I’m continuing my internship with Pink Shark Music while I go home to Orlando! I’ll just work remotely. I’m possibly making a film with my boyfriend where I’ll be music supervisor as well. Pink Shark is a music publishing company with an office in LA and office in Chicago. I mainly shadow our guy here and I’m learning how to tag tracks when they come and how to organize all the meta data, along with making playlists to send to music supervisors looking for music for their TV shows/movies. I also help out the owner with research on production companies to reach out to so they will use our music.”

Lydia Bayley
“This summer I am going to study for/take the LSAT and work on law school applications while attempting to freelance my graphic design skills to make money to live.”

Jeffrey Huang
“Me and Moyi will attend the summer course in Prague. I believe it will be so interesting, then we’ll back to China and start our wonderful summer! Look for some internships, travel to several countries!”

Wendolyn Sims-Rucker
I received a full-time paid internship in the Marketing department at Manhattan Theatre Club in New York City. While there I plan to also visit some Northeastern cities.”

My cohort is full of ~stars~.

And if you’re curious about me, I’m going to be helping Bob Blandford implement a marketing strategy for the book he’s been working on with Chicago Art Deco Society, Art Deco Chicago: Designing Modern America, and working with OpenTV on various initiatives that are TBD. Also traveling as much as I can fit in–currently I have a trip to Iceland planned from June 9-16.


The cover of Art Deco Chicago: Designing Modern America