More and More Productions

More and More Productions

After finishing Her Voice, I took parts on different productions. But, recently I have received my behind-the-scenes photos from our set photographer. They look amazing and it feels great to make those great moments permanent in a frame.

Being a Cinema Directing student is really challenging. But looking at the photos from my set is making me think that I am not going to get that many chances to direct films. Since I have been on two different sets as 1st AD after my film, I realized I missed directing. I am sharing some photos from my set.

Me on the set of “Her Voice”.


Me and the team on the background on set.


The camera team is ready and waiting for the last couple adjustments for the actress.


Sound mixer on set.

The post production process for Her Voice has started. I already have 3 different cuts and every time we are improving the film with my editor and the help of my Directing for Drama professor, David Tarleton. I am loving the film so far and I hope that the film gets what it deserves. Also, I can never forget that this film could not have happened without a great producer. From the moment Creative Producing student, Kelsey Burrus shared the script with me and asked me to direct the film I was so excited. The script has changed drastically but the importance of this film for Kelsey has not. Having only one day in a location like this was a huge challenge and after a good collaboration I believe we made something good happen. I am sharing a couple stills from the latest cut of Her Voice.

The character Her in Her Voice.


The character Sofia in Her Voice.

After shooting my film, my friends had been getting ready to shoot theirs. I became 1st AD for two projects and it requires a lot of pre-production. I had 3 years of experience from Turkey as an assistant director but by doing it here I learned many more things about production and filmmaking in general. The first one was my two lovely friends’, Neva and Urwa’s production, Not In This House. I had so much fun on that 2-day shoot because we stayed at the location for 2 days and it felt like a vacation (until the production started). After the first day of production, I remember passing out even before everyone left.

A jib set up from “Not In This House” production. (Nick, the master jib operator on the left)

And then the next week, it was the time for Nick and Morgan’s production, All The Times I Joked About Murder. It was a great set, I loved working with everyone on set and I did not mind working for 3 days in a row at all. I also got to be 1st AC and pulled focus when we were getting pick ups which was so exciting! One of the Creative Producing students and also my lovely friend Mika did her best to help Nick and Morgan as you can see below.

Mika, struggling in a van with c-stands.


DP, gaffer and grip enjoying their times on set.