Breathing Room

Breathing Room

Finally, we are done with our first projects for this semester. We are required to shoot two films and also take a role in two of our classmates’ productions. Also, in between two projects I had a little time to see more places in Chicago!

I believe every set that I am on is teaching me at least one more thing. After shooting my short film titled “Keys,” I was the 1st AD of my classmate, Nick’s short film, “Somphone.I had so much fun planning and shooting it. But of course, there is an old Turkish saying: there is no rose without a thorn. We had been checking the weather forecast for a week because we had exterior shots. Then, the day before the shoot the forecast was showing that there was a 50 percent chance of rain. So, as the 1st Assistant Director I had to come up with a back up plan. I made another schedule in case it rained couple of hours before the shoot and we decided to check the weather in the morning then decide on which plan to go with. Fortunately, the weather did not seem that bad and we decided to go with the original plan and we were able to finish the exterior shots right before it started raining. We were so happy as a crew. Also, our Director of Photographer, Ryan who is also a Columbia College Chicago student did a great job. He created a vertical dolly in his way. It was great to see people pushing their creativity limits.

Key grip, DP and director of ‘Somphone’ (From left to right)

After Nick’s production, as directors we had around 2 weeks to start working on our next films. So, we were able to find time to go to a dine-in movie theater! It was the first time that I was in a dine-in movie theater. Although, it was a little expensive I enjoyed the experience. It was a little difficult to focus on the film while eating though, especially if you decide to go to a 3D one like me.

Some directors and some producers enjoying the dine-in movie theater.

Last week, there was a fundraising event for a short film that is going to be made by Columbia College students. I joined the event with my friends and I met with a Turkish girl who also studies film! It had been a long time since the last time I spoke to a Turk face to face. It was good to be able to speak in my mother tongue again. After a week, we met in the oldest jazz club in Chicago, Green Mill. The place smells like history. I am personally not a big fan of jazz but this place has a different feeling. It was just fantastic to be there.

Brass player playing oboe.

Since I found the time to discover more of Chicago I went out to streets to take more photos. I was able to capture some good stills and it also worked for the assignments of my elective class, Image Design for Cinema too.

A still from my camera.