Resuming Where We Left Off

Resuming Where We Left Off

Our second semester has started. We are resuming where we left off with the same intensity. There are two films that we are expected to shoot this semester and the first one is about to happen. I only have two weeks left and I am still trying to get things done for my production.

The first film I am going to be shooting is about paranoia. I was inspired to write this story by myself. Since I moved to America I always had paranoid thoughts when I went outside of my house. One day, I was going somewhere at night. I was walking to the train station and I saw a group of men who just got off. I was in my deep thoughts. They started to walk towards me and my paranoid thoughts started to occur. I was thinking of ways to escape. Then the guy in the middle put his hand in his pocket and took a Ventra card out. He said, it was for free if I wanted to use it. It was really nice of him. So, this is one of the things that Cinema Directing program taught me. I started to think of stories all the time. My approach to the world has changed. Now, anything that happens in front of me can potentially be an idea of a film.

The elective that I chose this semester is called Image Design for Cinema taught by Jason Schallack. The class teaches the basics of a composition. I have been enjoying it because the assignments we have force us to go out and take photos, they make us think about the artworks. First assignment I had was to go to the Art Institute of Chicago and choose an artwork to write about it. I found this exercise very helpful. I could not find time to go to the museums and I always had reasons not to go last semester, but this semester I had to go there because of the assignment and I enjoyed it. I stayed there longer than I expected. Plus, it is free for Columbia College Chicago students! The artwork I chose was the painting of an unknown Italian artist. They painted Haireddin Barbarossa and Sinan the Jew which I think was really interesting. I had a lot to say about the piece.

The painting of Haireddin Barbarossa and Sinan the Jew by an unknown Italian painter in the Art Institute of Chicago.

Also, seeing different things about my country, Turkey, and also very famous art pieces was really exciting! Here are some things that I thought were interesting.

Occupy gezi architecture display.

The Thinker statue by Auguste Rodin.

Meanwhile, my classmate Akanksha was part of an improv show. She loves doing improv! Me and a couple of friends went to see her show. It was really interesting because we do not really have these comedy improv shows in Turkey, at least not as much as here. It was my first time joining one.

Our classmate Akanksha and her friend are doing improv in a show.