Summer Goals

Summer Goals

Looking up at the park.

Chicago loves summer. I mean Chicago really loves summer. From the moment the sun started staying out past 5 o’clock in the afternoon the anticipation was in the air. People I barely knew would go on and on about The Amazing Chicago Summer with a glassy longing in their eyes. Luckily, I also love summer and my new proximity to a body of water that I can’t see the other side of is pretty amazing in and of itself. At the end of last semester, as the weather warmed up I just kept my head down and focused all my energy on classes. So once the semester ended and it was time to finally exhale, it was clear I needed to relax and do something I haven’t done in way too long: take a break.

For those of you that will be joining us in the fall it’s probably already clear that this going to be the quickest summer of your life. I totally understand. Last summer was pretty hectic for me, I was juggling two part time jobs, attempting to run a small business, trying to sell a car, and making a collage everyday. My boyfriend and I were also trying to purge all the things we didn’t want to fit into a tiny moving truck while attending every family and friend event we possibly could. Oh and I was having crazy anxiety about all the unknowns and logistics of moving and going back to school (please email me any questions/concerns you have!). So basically it was just like the tropical beach vacation that every person I knew was posting endlessly on social media–I was a huge ball of stress and so it was the exact antithesis of a relaxing summer.

So it’s now my mission to make this summer different. For me, taking a break and relaxing doesn’t usually involve binge watching movies, although some days that’s just meant to be. Instead I love getting out and exploring, going for a walk, or reading (OK, let’s be real – listening to audio books) ideally with an amazing sandwich and a steady stream of vitamin D. There are a million places to see and things to do in this city. Recently, I’ve been seeking out lectures, events, and classes that are different from my art practice in the hopes of meeting people and seeing more this amazing place has to offer. Over the next couple months I’ll be sharing some of my favorites that you may want to check out for your glorious post first year summer break. It’s worth it.

Rooftop view of the city from Savage Smyth even space after the Creative Mornings event with Billy Craven. (Note: it’s the second sky photo in this post- this time with buildings! Fancy)

Creative Mornings

A couple weeks ago I went to my first Creative Mornings event featuring artist and gallery owner, Billy Craven. Creative Mornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community with chapters all over the world. Tickets go fast in Chicago for a chance to hear from inspiring artists and innovators in the community. Billy Craven shared his really refreshing perspective on life as an artist and business owner in Chicago. His decided to open Galerie F because he wanted a place he could feel comfortable showing his work that wasn’t elitist. Galerie F has become a destination that not only shows and sells the work of an amazing collection of artists but it also facilitates stunning mural projects throughout the neighborhood.