Finalizing, Reflecting, & Stats

Finalizing, Reflecting, & Stats

Papers and Projects! The current state of my desk.
Papers and Projects! The current state of my desk.

It’s finals time and I’ve been busy writing papers and working on final projects. Each day as I work my way down my to-do list, I’ve been finding myself reflecting on this semester and all the changes that have happened so far. This self-reflective pause is an effective form of procrastination that probably stems from trying to make sense of the past few surreal weeks here in Chicago.

It started with my first Halloween in Chicago, then the Cubs won the World Series, and finally Donald trump was elected president. I know these are no longer breaking news stories but they’ve made for some crazy spectacles full of excitement and uncertainty. Over the course of 10 days my commute on the L Train included sitting next to one women dressed as Gumby with an axe covered in fake blood (I was confused too), carefully maneuvering my way through a sea of excited Cubs fans, and watching two strangers cry as they watch the results come in on election night. It’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. The drama has not been lost on the weather either: last week it was 70 degrees and today the high is 41 degrees.

I don’t have anything to compare it to, but it feels like it’s been pretty unusual times in Chicago. As a newbie in the city there’s still a daily sense of excitement mixed with a feeling of “Is this normal/am I doing this right?!”  As each week and crazy event passes I’m starting to get more comfortable with the flow of life here. There’s never a shortage of opportunities or things happening in this city and Columbia has been a solid foundation for me. The faculty, staff, and my cohort have helped me feel focused and centered, even with all the uncertainty and change over the last few months. There are so many small details that go into managing and balancing your life when you are a full-time student. I have to admit that I still have a lot to learn. I get overwhelmed and stressed juggling it all. I started thinking about the little things that make up my life as a graduate student that maybe this blog hasn’t talked about. There are so many details that get forgotten because they aren’t quite as grand or spectacular as the world series or the election. I’ve taken it upon myself to compile some interesting (hopefully) stats that will help give you a different view of my first semester so far.

Ode to frozen pizza. A collage I made August 2016

Number of trips on the L Train: 94

Number of papers written: 3

Number of classes: 3

Number of class critiques: 9

Number of Salon presentations: 1

Numbers of words written on this blog: 3,062

Number of frozen pizzas eaten: aprox 10

Average number of steps each day: 9,146

Number of donuts eaten: 1.5 (I know, sad)

Number of Mini donuts eaten: 2 (even more sad)

Number of times I stepped in dog poop: 1

Number of trips to Ohio: 1

Number of Days on crutches: 31(!)

Number of new artworks created: 89

Number of improv shows attended: 7

Number of hours spent researching winter coats: ∞