Spring is here in Chicago, FINALLY

Spring is here in Chicago, FINALLY



This being my third spring, I’ve grown somewhat accustomed to the unpredictability of the weather, BUT that still doesn’t mean I have to be okay with the fact that it was snowing just a little over a week ago. I digress, however. Spring is a time for change and growth and new positive vibes… and maybe a bit of foreboding as graduation draws closer!

By the time this post goes up I’ll have submitted my final draft of my thesis, which has grown another 10 pages since we last spoke. Once that is complete, I’ll still have a couple weeks before I am finally bequeathed with the title of MASTER. So what will I be doing with my days?

  • Finishing up my Columbia College Chicago jobs, though I won’t be saying goodbye to Marginalia just yet! You can still expect another post or two from me before I bid you adieu for good!
  • HUSTLING—applying for fulltime jobs and grabbing freelance gigs here and there to line my pockets with sweet, sweet dollars, which means I get to keep living in my sweet, sweet apartment (a win/win!)
  • OneGlobe Citizen—I’m spilling the beans here, and by the time this post is live, we will be too! I invite you all to venture over to OGC, a brand new digital media platform dedicated to sharing stories and experiences of people, places and cultures around the world! I’ve been working with this startup for about a year now as the Senior Editor, and I’m extremely proud of all the hard work that my teammates and I have put into this venture. I can’t wait for you all to check it out. PLUS, if you’re in Chicago, we will be hosting some events with the local traveler community. Follow us on twitter @OneGlobeCitizen and Facebook http://bit.ly/1NdLr7H to stay in the loop.
    OneGlobe Citizen

    OneGlobe Citizen

  • Relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather that has FINALLY arrived (hello 60-degree weather!) by running and reading at the beach, and maybe even taking a quick dip into the still-frosty lake.
  • VIP visits—My parents AND my best friend are coming up from Florida for graduation, so I’ll be spending some time with the magnificent Floridian humans that I miss so much, adventuring the city and showing them around.
Can't wait to see this beautiful lady! <3

Can’t wait to see this beautiful lady! <3