The Power of Broke

The Power of Broke

The Power of Broke

Cover art for Daymond’s recently published book, The Power of Broke

Throughout my winter break and three week J-term (J stands for January, in case you’re unfamiliar), I had the privilege of being a brand ambassador for the one and only Daymond John. Name sounds familiar, right? You’ve probably seen him on ABC’s Shark Tank (which I have to admit, I LOVE watching in my spare time).

His latest published book, The Power of Broke, hit the stands on January 19. As a brand ambassador, I want to share with you the inside scoop about the book! So without further ado, here’s a brief overview on The Power of Broke.

First off, watch this official book trailer for The Power of Broke. Trust me, the video’s energy will already make you want to purchase your own copy.


Now that you’ve watched the trailer, you’re probably asking the most basic question: How do we define the “power of broke”? Below, you’ll see how Daymond has broken down this phrase. Essentially, the power of broke is a mindset. It’s remembering that money always runs out at some point, and that success over the long haul can only be accomplished with passion, ingenuity and determination. In short, the power of broke is a reminder that if you’ve got nothing to lose, you’ve got everything to gain.

Daymond John's definition for 'power of broke'

Daymond John’s definition for “power of broke”

Something I love about The Power of Broke is that readers are able to gain guidance and applicable advice on the main points of the power of broke. And not just from Daymond’s experiences, but also from those he highlights as case studies. I find this awesome. So often authors solely share their personal thoughts, beliefs, and experiences without incorporating others’ that are equally as important and relevant to the topic at hand.

Daymond believes that showing readers the stories of 14 individuals who exemplify the essence of the power of broke is much more impactful and motivating than him telling them about his experiences alone. He thoroughly covers the following topics as they relate to the power of broke:

  • Be a True Innovator
  • Be Genuine
  • Stay Hungry
  • Go Back to the Beginning
  • Don’t Outrun Your Resources
  • Know Your Market, Know Your Mission
  • Sharpen Your SHARK Points
  • Rise and Grind
  • Tap the Power
  • Go for It
  • Make a Plan, Tear It Up, Make a New Plan
  • Step Outside Yourself

Regardless of which industry you desire to succeed in, The Power of Broke is a fantastic go-to resource for any and all entrepreneurs. Case studies ranging from Steve Aoki (musician, DJ, record producer) to Gigi Butler (entrepreneur with only $33 to her name before launching a cupcake business) to Moziah Bridges (pictured below) are just some of the many that Daymond introduces to the readers.

So frequently, books written by well-known entrepreneurs can straddle the line between telling a story and bragging. Here, this is definitely not the case. The Power of Broke allows readers to feel inspired and energized from beginning to end, all in a very conversational tone.

In short, this book is not Daymond saying that his way is the best and only way to reach entrepreneurial success—case studies make up the “meat” of the book. The Power Of Broke emphasizes that “broke only breaks you if you let it, but broke can make you, too… if you let it”.

Moziah Bridges (Founder of Mo's Bows) is one of 14 case studies presented in The Power of Broke.

Moziah Bridges (Founder of Mo’s Bows) is one of 14 case studies presented in The Power of Broke.