Here and There |#Chifilmfest2015

Here and There |#Chifilmfest2015

With creative producers Bianca Panos and Tyler Henker before the Opening Night

With creative producers Bianca Panos and Tyler Henker before the Opening Night

51st Chicago International Film Festival 

Chicago International came and went, but it left a remarkable influence on me as a filmmaker. My cohort and I had a chance to attend the opening night which allowed us to put on our best outfits. Over the course of the film festival, I spent my time watching various feature films representing Italy, France, China, United States, India, and Mexico. I also was able to attend the majority of panels during the industry days which allowed me to network with strong filmmakers, distributors, and financiers in the Chicagoland area and abroad. The industry days were a phenomenal experience on getting a taste of the international film industry in the city that I enjoy living in. :)

Industry Days

Industry days at Chicago International Film Festival was the highlight of the festival this year. It allowed prestigious individuals discuss the current industry and it’s innovative future. The program was put together by Anthony Kaufman who is genuinely down to earth. I had a chance to meet him in the elevator at the Tribune Towers, he realized I was wearing my Columbia badge, and asked if I had any work. I was able to give him a quick elevator pitch of my current slate, which is always good practice.

The industry kicked off with an Industry Tribute to Chicago’s own Gigi Pritzker (Pro: ‘Green Street Hooligans (2005), ‘Drive’ (2011), ‘Enders Game’ (2014), ‘Draft Day’ (2014), and ‘Rosewater’ (2014). The following days they hosted all-day panels at the Tribune Towers which had a pretty dope view of Chicago.

My favorites out the batch

Overseas Connections: How to Gain Access to International Partners and Financiers

State of the Art house: A Conversation with Sony Pictures Classics Michael Barker

 How to Build a Booming Chicago Film Industry

The Distribution Puzzle: Film Releasing Strategies from Theaters to VOD

How to Sell Your Film

Panel Discussion with Co-Founder of Sony Pictures Classics

Panel Discussion with Michael Barker Co-Founder of Sony Pictures Classics

Feature Length Films Viewed

Mia Madre (2015) pro. Nanni Moretti, Domenico Procacci, dir. Nanni Moretti

The Thin Yellow Line  (2015) pro. Guillermo del Toro , dir. Celso R. Garcia

Mountains May Depart (2015) pro. Shozo Ichiyama, dir. Zhangke Jia

Ludo (2015) pro. Celine Loop, dir. Qaushiq Mukherjee

Cronies (2015) pro. Spike Lee, dir. Michael Larnell

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Short Films Viewed

I Am the Passenger (2015) pro. Todd Lauterbach, dir. Todd Lauterbach

Chasm (2015) pro. Joel Benjamin, Shelley Dodson, John Rhys Garcia, dir. Joel Benjamin

Marlene (2015) pro. Andy Berlin, Danny Fogarty, Nick Shamblott dir. Andy Berlin

Nick Santore (2014) pro. Alex Hidalgo, dir. Jake Zalutsky

Nomad (2015) pro. Brad bischoff, Vince Chavez, Eduardo Cintron, dir. Brad Bischoff

Retrocognition (2012) pro. Eric Patrick dir. Eric Patrick

Unknown Unknown (2014) pro. Ed Flynn, Holli Hopkins, dir. Ed Flynn

With MFA Director Candidate, Carlos Prias

With MFA Director Candidate, Carlos Prias after the Opening Night