Long Term Juggling

Long Term Juggling

Courtesy of http://globe-views.com/dreams/piano.html

Courtesy of http://globe-views.com/dreams/piano.html

They say that life is a marathon not a sprint, but what the people handing out advice fail to tell you is that it’s also a juggling act, an exercise in being relentlessly kind and a long term commitment to never give up, even if you are sprinting.

Since graduating the number of things that I have become involved in seems to have multiplied rapidly. Or at least the number of things that I am involved in decreased to 1 or 2 things when I moved, and then about a month later jumped astronomically to 9 or 10. Having these many projects going at one time seems to be the nature of being a person. To me being constantly involved is an aspect of life. It’s just another part of the juggling act.  All of my work, performance, and life pursuits can be broken down into a few categories. So in the spirit of lists being popular, I’m going to list some things.


  1. I am planning a wedding with my fiancée.
  2. I am doing as many household chores as the day allows.
  3. I am still learning the piano.
  4. I am still learning how to code.
  5. I’m in the middle of five books, on various subjects and on various points of the spectrum between fiction and non fiction.


  1. I am in a show called On The Spot, an improvised short-form show like Whose Line Is It Anyway.
  2. I am in a show called Makeshift Shakespeare, an improvised play after the themes, tropes, and spirit of William Shakespeare.
  3. I am debuting a show called ROCK: The Two Person Improvised Rock Opera, with my fiancée.
  4. A show that I wrote is debuting in Chicago at the Collaboraction Theatre, as part of a series of plays performed by A. O. Trunk Show.
  5. I was going to audition for more, but decided to hold back for once.
Courtesy of Kent Welborn

Courtesy of Kent Welborn


  1. I am working for Channel 12 PBS as a contract employee, helping with corporate support
  2. I am working for Revenue Development, INC. as a contract employee calling on accounts and assisting with marketing and general business systems (They didn’t have a PayPal before I came into the picture)
  3. I am working on a start up with a dear friend. The details of this start up are still mostly under wraps, and will stay that way until the opportune moment.
  4. Bovine Metropolis Theater, the theater that started my career as an arts, entertainment and media administrator, has asked me to develop a strategic plan for them, and I as an ethical human, don’t want to start until I can maximize their ROI with the development, implementation, and training aspects of the plan.
  5. I am working at a bar as a bartender, for extra cash, and for fun.

Overall, life is good, and fast moving. I thought that I would have a chance to catch my breath when I moved back to Denver, but alas, once you start on the path of doing all the things, you will do all the things until, forever, I guess. So if you can relate to juggling everything, doing everything, and running a marathon, kudos to you, feel free to send me a message or comment below. It’d be nice to know that I’m not alone.