Immense Power from A Seven Letter Word

Immense Power from A Seven Letter Word


I wrote that word at the top of the page and stared at it for a few minutes.  I sat within the feelings it has given and left me with. They are beautiful. I had no choice but to follow.

I ALWAYS wanted to go to a Performing Arts School…

The seven letters that bring so much.

There is only room for this invisible thing so strong.

It’s what leads us to apply to graduate school in the first place. It’s the fuel that gets us out to every class. Why we stay up at night, and where we go to finish that project.

It’s what we do to bring life to our dreams. The basic element that our blood, sweat, and tears are made of.

In the full scope, we are, because of it…It is the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Being an Interdisciplinary Arts graduate student

Being a vocalist
Spoken Word

The Stage

Every piece of clothing sewn…
My earrings
The drawing I made of him while he was sleeping

The face of my Son, his smile, his words, and all that is him
A kiss from my Love, and all that is him
Uncontrollable laughter between me and my dear friend
Dinner with my family
Private time nourishing my spirit



With the fire of this Summer, may we all experience the fire within our souls as we connect with our Passions!