Take-aways from the year

Take-aways from the year

"Thinkin' About Performance Art"  Photo Credit: www.thegreatgodpanisdead.com

“Thinkin’ About Performance Art” Photo Credit: www.thegreatgodpanisdead.com

Being a part-time Graduate Student in the MA program has been absolutely amazing. I cannot believe it went by this quickly. I was surprised by how challenging and thrilling it has been. As we approach these final weeks of the semester, I can’t help but appreciate my cohort. I will always have the best memories that will include them. I’ve been honored to have the most supportive souls around me. I am looking forward to what the rest of the semester and the completion of the final year will hold. With this being said, I’ve come up with a few awesome thoughts that I’d love to share. Enjoy!

1. Moments can, and should, be exploded.
2. There are memories that will always need to be shared.
3. Don’t worry about the sequence, the story will be exposed.
4. It’s all about framing.
5. Words are music even before melody is introduced.
6. There is a difference between experiencing writing, and experiencing a performance. They both can be beautiful (or unbearable!)…again, it’s about framing.
7. There are so many hidden surprises behind the experience of collaboration.
8. Objective feedback is so invaluable…take it or leave it at your own risk.
9. Taking a moment to step away can open space for creativity to flow.
10. The beauty of grad study at Columbia is the propulsion to create regularly. Hold onto the practice, it is like nourishment.

"The Spoken Word:The Art of David Behrens (Photo Credit: www.vyturelis.com

“The Spoken Word:The Art of David Behrens (Photo Credit: www.vyturelis.com

May we as artists continue to be brave, focused, steady, and share ourselves selflessly with our world, for the benefit of ourselves and others! Enjoy these final weeks of Spring 2015!