My FINAL Semester

My FINAL Semester

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My final semester of school…possibly EVER. Hard to believe it’s even true! So far this semester is looking like it might be one filled with a lighter workload, greater opportunities, illuminating discoveries, and continuous growth before I finally graduate in May.

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A good thing to know about second semester of second year is that we are only physically in the classroom for 3 classes: Family Counseling, Addictions Counseling, and Clinical Supervision. These classes are still on our usual class days (Tuesday/ Thursday), however one of the perks of this semester is that our days end so much earlier than usual. By Tuesdays we are out by 3pm, and on Thursdays we are done by noon! This change of pace is a wonderful breath of fresh air because we are still at our internship sites 3 days a week, which definitely consumes most of our time, attention, and energy (as it should).

Thesis--lets get to work

Thesis–lets get to work

However it is important to remember that this semester official marks the beginning of our thesis work. Many of us are still in the process of getting approval from the IRB, however some of us are already deep into our data collection. From this point on, each of us are completely on our own individual paths. Graduate Thesis Credit is our fourth class of the semester, however it is our responsibility to utilize the extra time to work individually towards completing it. Well, I can’t say we are COMPLETELY alone—we of course have the support of our thesis advisors along the way. Along with the guidance of our thesis advisors, we also have the emotional support of our cohort, peer auditors, resonance panels, and even our own personal dance/movement therapists! With guidance, support, and sounding boards coming from a multitude of angles, I’m feeling hopeful that I will be able to successfully stay on track with my thesis timeline.

One of my personal goals for the semester is to utilize the extra time to focus on my self-care, as well as enjoy as much of Chicago as I possibly can. Everything is up in the air right now, and it is very possible that I may be moving back home to Michigan after commencement in May. If this is truly the case, I’m starting to realize my romance with the city may soon be coming to an end. I’m already starting to feel the heartache of a break-up, so it is my goal to experience as much as I can in the city before I can no longer call Chicago my home!

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