To Do List for January

To Do List for January

Happy 2015 everyone! This February, I begin the last semester of the Interdisciplinary Arts & Media, MFA program. Woohoo! It has been a wonderful and difficult experience, and I’m excited for it to be so close to being done. Just a few more months!

Even though January is technically our winter break,  every grad student will tell you it’s not much of a break at all.  Here are a few of the projects I’m working on in January to prepare for this final semester:

Finish Building My InMoov Animatronic Robot

As part of my thesis project, I am building a life-size animatronic Robot to perform with. The robot is based on the open source design by french sculpture Gael Langevin. I have been spending the last few weeks printing the parts to build this robot and am excited to contribute to the development of this project through my performance.

Complete Construction of My Faraday Cage

My Thesis project is a continuation of the ideas and images I was exploring in my play Dreams of A Possible End. As I’ve been considering how I might transfer this work into a gallery setting I came up with the idea of constructing something like a Faraday cage to function as a stage/installation for my thesis work. I chose the Faraday cage because it is a popular enclosure among doomsday preppers. Interestingly enough, I’m not the only artist who has worked with Faraday cages before in their work.

Apply for Jobs

Looking for a job can be a little anxiety inducing. I’m done in May and It would be really nice to know what I’m doing afterwards. Having been required to take two professional practice courses during my time here has proven to be tremendously helpful in this process

Rehearsals for Rhinoceros Theatre Festival

If thesis prep and filling out job applications wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I’ve been rehearsing for two shows that will be in this years Rhinoceros Theatre Festival. If you’re in Chicago and wondering what to do during these cold winter months, I strongly encourage you to check out the amazing shows that are part of this years Rhinoceros Theatre Festival.