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Fall Semester 2014 is over and I am at the halfway mark of my graduate program! Spring semester brings candidacy retest, new projects, written thesis, and the last semester of graduate seminar. Until then, we have six weeks off. The last Friday of each semester ends with an all-day )9am-5pm) review process.

The review was the first for the 1st years and the last for the 3rd years. All the faculty and all the graduate students are in the same room, which happens maybe twice a semester. Each photography graduate student is given 45 minutes to present their work to a group of three to six people. The group is a mix of photo faculty, CCC photo community that includes some MoCP staff, and selected outside members that can include educators from other institutions, curators, and gallery owners. Below are some of the photographs I took in each review. I managed to get pictures of all of the reviews but three, (22 in total). The rest of the images are available on flickr.

Sarah Hiatt – End of Semester Review

Lena Vieira – End of Semester Review

Allison Clarke – End of Semester Review

Phaedra Call – End of Semester Review

Kai Caemmerer – End of Semester Review

This J-Term (winter break) session, the photography department is trying out study abroad opportunities for graduate students. From January 2nd until January 24th I will be in IRELAND with six other Columbia graduate student (five photo) and Kelli Connell. The graduate studio intensive course takes place at Burren College of Art.  The program is an immersive, highly independent studio-based experience and provides an opportunity to interact with other graduate students at the Burren College of Art. It goes without saying, but I am excited. It will be my first time out of the country. Mexico does not count, if you’re from California.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Happy New Year. See you again in 2015! Good luck with your applications! Here is some information about the new 2-year Photography graduate program.

Shows to check out:

Lisa Lindvay @ Johalla Projects

Lisa Lindvay @ Johalla Projects

Lisa Lindvay show at Johalla Projects is up until January 18th.

Hyde Part Art Center Ground Floor opening

Ground Floor exhibition at Hyde Park Art Center that showcases recent Chicago-area MFA graduates, including 3 CCC Photography Graduates – Evan Baden, Barbara Diener, and Julie Weber.