Welcoming 2015 with some Grad School Resolutions

Welcoming 2015 with some Grad School Resolutions

photo courtesy of "https://humansareweird.files.wordpress.com"

photo courtesy of “https://humansareweird.files.wordpress.com”

It’s officially that time of year again: delicious food, fantastic parties, ridiculous sweaters, quality time with family and friends, and of course New Year’s resolutions. This is a time during grad school I can honestly say that I am attempting to relax and not think about my thesis or anything else school-related (believe me it has NOT been easy). Amongst all of the holiday cheer, I can’t help but look back on the year of 2014 with absolute awe. So much has changed for me, and I am incredibly grateful for how much I have experienced this year. At the same time, this fantastic year makes me want 2015 to be my best year yet—which is why I have decided on a few New Year’s resolutions (and goals) for 2015: My last year of graduate school.

Photo courtesy of "http://johansundbass.com"

Photo courtesy of “http://johansundbass.com”

#1 Stay on schedule and complete my thesis
It’s going to be tough to stay on the thesis schedule I have created for myself. At this point in the game, I will no longer have a thesis class with structured deadlines to keep me on my toes. This is why staying on schedule is one of my biggest goals for 2015. I want to continually feel committed to the process of my thesis, and have it published for the year of 2016.

photo courtesy of "http://technotrix.net/wordpress"

photo courtesy of “http://technotrix.net/wordpress”

#2 Officially graduate and earn my MA
This is finally the year I can say I will earn my Master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling. A dream of mine will officially come true…How cool is that?! I am determined to go out with a bang.

photo courtesy of "http://www.thinkpro.net/wordpress"

photo courtesy of “http://www.thinkpro.net/wordpress”

#3 Get my very first “grown up job”
After being a student for over 20 years, I can finally say that my career is about to begin. It is finally time for me to put all of the fabulous knowledge that I have gained, and put it to good use—oh yeah, and actually get paid for it. Who knows where I might end up, but I am hopeful and excited!

photo courtesy of "http://www.jessainscough.com"

photo courtesy of “http://www.jessainscough.com”

#4 Begin to trust, and let go of the things in life I cannot control
So many things about 2015 are unknown and undecided for me. As someone with a “Type A” personality, I already know this is going to be very difficult for me at times. However I am determined to let go and trust that life has a plan for me.

DMT in the classroom courtesy of DCAT

DMT in the classroom courtesy of DCAT

#5 Continue to grow and learn more about who I am becoming as a dance/movement therapist
I am excited to continue working at my internship site throughout the spring semester, and witness how much more I am learning and discovering about my personal approach to dance/movement therapy.

photo courtesy of "http://i.huffpost.com"

photo courtesy of “http://i.huffpost.com”

#6 Remember to stay mindful, present and positive
This is very closely aligned to the topic of my thesis, therefore I feel I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t allow my “therapist self” to spill into my everyday life. I am determined to spend the year in a place of gratitude, as I remain present and mindful of the amazing opportunities headed my way.