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Candidacy presentations happened this semester on a Wednesday and we found out the results Thursday during an individual meeting with the co-coordinators of the program, Paul D’Amato and Judy Natal. Traditionally, we present to all of the full time faculty. For my group it was different. There are 8 of us so we were split into 2 groups with 5 faculty members each: Group A – Judy Natal; Ross Sawyers; Jay Wolke; Greg Foster Rice and Kelli Connell; Group B – Paul D’Amato, Myra Greene, Bob Thall, Peter Fitzpatrick, and Dawoud Bey.

My Candidacy Room (2)

John Lusis – Candidacy

Jeanne Donegan – Candidacy

We refer to the results as a “pass” or “fail.” Failing means we re-present in about ten weeks, a week before the spring semester begins. Five of the eight of us “passed.” I “failed” so I have to re-present my work. It did not come as shock, because I had a feeling that I was not going to pass. I was not being pessimistic, but realistic. I changed the way I worked and I am still evaluating what is and what is not working. The main questions I am plagued with are: What do I want to say? and How do I move forward? I am currently in the process of re-evaluating the work I made over my time in the program. I am asking myself if I want to change my work, and how I can clarify how I speak about the issues surrounding the work in order to be ready to re-present in eight weeks.

There is good and bad of candidacy timing, because it happens four weeks before the end of the semester. Seminar critiques still continue. I had to show my work again in seminar that Friday. Thankfully, Thanksgiving break was the following week and we were able to give ourselves a break.

Thanksgiving (1)! Whitten Sabbatini (first year)

Thanksgiving (2)! My surrogate family

Friends since 7th grade :)

However, there are only two weeks left in the semester to prepare for finals in other courses and final reviews. We also have to fit in meetings with faculty. We also have an end of semester review that takes place the final week of classes. We are given the opportunity to present our work to a mix of photo faculty, the CCC photo community that includes some of MoCP staff, and selected outside members that can include educators from other institutions, curators, and gallery owners.

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