An “Ode” to Hesitance

An “Ode” to Hesitance

Hesitation. Photo Credit:,400.jpg

You. Stop me. In mid sentence. In mid thought
In perfect timing. Perfectly imperfect timing…

I’m watching you.

Oh, honey, you better believe I’m watching.

Eyes on you,
both aware and unsure of what to do once I see you.
You funny.
I’m not sure who you think you are.

Interrupting me. Waltzing into my moment, MY moment                               like you own the place…

That’s MINE…My brain space, MY ideas, MY voice, MY message.
If you wanna stay, you gotta pay rent…




I spoke too soon,
responded too quickly
don’t know what I was thinking…

I believe a great big old THANK YOU is in order…for the times you’ve blessed me.

I told you, I’m watching you.

So there seems to be something about you that I INSTINCTIVELY
have to have my way with.



This relationship we have…help me out here. How does it work?

Being that you are but a THING
a concept
a physical experience
a strategy
an approach
inaudible, without language
being that you are
but a phenomenon that I am addressing as a person
and essentially personifying because
I really do hear and feel you…

How do I interact with you?

Do we need each other? Don’t we?

Is this?…
This isn’t a mutually rewarding relationship, is it?
are we “symbiotic”?


Who is who?



Naturally I’ll be taking full benefit of the best part of dealing with you

and deal with things I wish I knew
like when you
make me have such attitudes,
make me make some crazy moves,
have me having
what do I do’s
If not me, who?
When is the “should” I been trying to figure that is best to happen
past due?

What I’m really trying to get at is this:
I cant have you stopping me from doing what I need to do, or saying what I need to say, or being, feeling, thinking, dressing, friending, liking, loving, singing, dancing, writing, composing, creating,
“whatever-verb”-ing that is SUPPOSED to happen.

Seen? I need you on MY team…so DONT STOP ME FROM THE GOOD STUFF.
Just keep me from anything that isn’t gonna help.

So I figure it best
if we do it like this:

Im Ligaya, and you are “hesitance”

I’m going to acknowledge you
say whats up when you come around
probable hang out with you for a few,
see what you have to say
and then
that’s it, DEUCES.

You go your way, I go mine. I can handle that

I think I’m comfortable with that, you?

Take your time…when you get back to me, make sure you bring good things.

And to ensure that this correspondence is deemed acceptable as a form of an “ode”

Thank you, my sweet Hesitance.

Much Love,