Student Spotlight: Monimia Macbeth

Student Spotlight: Monimia Macbeth


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If you want to meet a woman who is essentially “taking on the world” then you need to meet Monimia Macbeth. As a fellow colleague, I cannot help but be in awe of this woman and her passion.  Attending graduate school, serving as a program director for a non-profit, AND performing as a member of a nationally renowned dance theater??  She is so incredibly driven and an absolute inspiration to me.

Camp Butterfly

Photo Courtesy of Camp Butterfly

Monimia (or Mimi as we call her), is originally from the state of Florida. She graduated from Florida International University in 2011 and was given the opportunity to volunteer at Camp Butterfly in Chicago. As a counselor there, she guided adolescent African American girls towards self-discovery and improved self-confidence.  After her hard-work and dedication towards the program, she was offered the job position of DCFS post-adopt program coordinator. From there, Mimi continued to lead discussion groups addressing struggles with anger, conflict and aggression. After providing such a stable outlet for these adolescent girls, Mimi then began to develop new programs at Camp Butterfly. One of which she called ROOTS, developed to help the girls become more aware and proud of their African American culture. Sadly as many programs do, Camp Butterfly had to end due to some financial difficulties.

Global Girls Inc.

Photo courtesy of Global Girls Inc.

However Mimi didn’t stop there. She is now the coordinator for the after school program at a non-profit called Global Girls Inc. Here she works with three different schools once again working with, and guiding young girls. As a teaching artist she focuses on leadership, communication and development with an emphasis on the performing arts to aid in self-confidence, public speaking, discipline, etc.  Often times the girls practice skits, spoken word, ballet, jazz and African dance.  Once again Mimi has created this program from the ground up and it has had wonderful success.


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Along with all of this fantastic work that Mimi is doing, she somehow creates the time to be a member of Muntu Dance Theater of Chicago. Muntu is a nationally and internationally known dance company that has been sustainable for the past forty-two years now. Muntu celebrates many dance forms including Caribbean, modern and the African arts. Mimi has been a member of this company for over two years now, having the opportunity to perform in shows several times a year. Some of these performances have even required her to travel across the country!

Global Girls Inc

Photo courtesy of Global Girls Inc.

On top of all of this, Mimi discovered Columbia College Chicago where she is now currently studying to be a future dance/movement therapist. I have no doubt in my mind that she will one day be the head of her own non-profit, continuing to inspire young girls with her incredible passion.
“It’s been a lot, but I am able to do it all because of my love for it.” -Monimia Macbeth