How’s Grad School?

How’s Grad School?

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“Yeah, that really did just happen…” Those will be the words that I think I’ll have to take with me to sum up my first full week of grad school at Columbia College Chicago.  It was definitely exciting. I took first day of grad school selfies, and showed up 10 minutes late for the first day of classes (super embarrassing). But I’m figuring it out, and balance is being restored.

So…Hi! This is my first official post here on Marginalia as Graduate Ambassador for the Interdisciplinary Arts, MA program. I don’t take this lightly. But I AM going to enjoy myself, and I hope you will too. So as ambassador, my first creative license taken will be to insert a WOOT WOOT in caps and add an exclamation point at the end of this sentence!

I’m Jennifer Ligaya. I’m a creative artist. I think it means something like, I like to create things? I decided to apply to Columbia for grad school because…well, I have a confession to make. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go here. I was here all the time to hang out with friends who went here when I was in high school and in undergrad.  I actually was here for the week-long application process for the DMT program. But this time FEELS different. This time feels RIGHT.

I walked into the graduate meet and greet the night before Orientation really just looking to have a nice evening, meet some classmates, and have a glass of wine.  I definitely didn’t expect I would be given such a meaningful platform to process this fancy plan I cooked up for myself, and a way for me to figure out this path I got myself onto.

This might seem a bit wacky-doo, but I’m quite certain there is a reason for everything. The “I could have,” “would have,” “should haves.” But, nope. None of that feels RIGHT.  THIS? This right HERE? This is that big, bright dream-in-sight type of RIGHT. That, “is it really okay for me to be enjoying myself right now?” type of right. This is that “everything is alright” type of right.

I’m just gonna stay in this-here sweet feelin’ spot. Thats ok isn’t it? Alrighty then.

Hows school? It’s ALL RIGHT.