Lovin’ Summer

Lovin’ Summer

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“No more classes, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks…” I swear I saw a bunch of Columbia College Chicago Grad students skipping down the hall singing this song. OK Maybe I didn’t, but people were letting loose. That’s what happens when another year comes to an end. With that being said, summer is also a time of intense creation for directing students.

These months provide the opportunity for students to prep for thesis, take classes, and find internships. In fact, this summer I’m going to be working on a few projects myself. My check list includes working on a few web series with classmates.

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One series is called “Muslims in the City.” It’s takes a comic look at relationships between four young Muslim women. I’m excited because I’m going to be given the opportunity to edit the series and direct an episode. The other series I’m working on is an animated project called “Kentucky Fried High.” It is an LBGT themed comedy set in a high school full of animated food.

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Aside from all the work, I’m also going to try and explore the city little more. My goal is to spend more time at some choice Chicago hangouts that I’ve heard people talking about but never had the time to enjoy. One place is called Cheesie’s. I’ve heard they have the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town. I’m a cynic, so this is a tough sell. They had a lunch truck stop by campus once. I almost tried a sandwich but the eight dollar price tag was a little high for melted cheese. I thought, “Umm…Jewel is down the street, I can buy eight dollars worth of fancy cheese and make about twenty sandwiches at home.” I said I’m a cynic. But now I’m open to take in the world that is Cheesie’s. The other place I want to revisit is Headquarters Beercade. I love that place because they offer good drinks and free arcade games. I repeat…beer and video games. What more could you want? These are some of my plans. What are yours?