What a Relief it is…

What a Relief it is…

Getting the job!

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Phew! The clinical placement process is officially done for me. I have accepted offers at two fabulous locations for my summer practicum as well as my fall internship, and I cannot wait to get started!

There are many different locations available to us as options for our field placement within the Chicagoland area, as well as right outside of the city. This has made the clinical placement process both exciting and daunting. After narrowing down our locations and populations of interest; we are now deciding on the facilities where we will be observing, learning, and working hands-on for the next year in a professional setting. As an example of the types of facilities, I can speak to the locations where I will be personally gaining clinical experience.

Pediatric Population

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This summer I will be at Riveredge Hospital for my first field work experience. Riveredge is a facility rooted in highly individualized treatment, focused on treating the whole person. As stated in their mission statement, “We strive to foster an environment that demonstrates compassion and caring with timely and effective communication through comprehensive behavioral health care services of clinical excellence.” Riveredge is also fortunate enough to have their very own Expressive Arts Therapy department where they provide Art, Drama, Creative Arts, and Dance/Movement Therapy to their inpatient population. I’m hoping I will have the opportunity to work with both children and adolescents during my time there this summer. I’m very excited to get my feet wet at such a renowned, professional facility!

Geriatric Population

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Following my experience this summer at Riveredge, I will be starting my fall internship at a facility called CJE (Council for the Jewish Eldery) in their Adult Day Services program. CJE is a site which values positive aging, providing endless resources, programs, and opportunities to elderly with vastly different needs. I was also personally very drawn to their client-centered framework as revealed in their mission, “Our creative, Holistic approach to adult day programming allows us to offer participants structure without sacrificing the joy that comes with spontaneity. Our talented staff engages the whole person –mind, body and spirit–by integrating memory support, health and wellness and creative arts therapies (music, art, drama and dance) into each day’s activities.” I am also very excited to intern at this wonderful location in the fall because I will be working with a new population, in a totally different setting. It’s the perfect way to gain as much clinical experience as I can during my time here at Columbia!