In the pipeline…

In the pipeline…

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I’m in between a couple of projects right now, but I’m super excited about a few that I’m about to start working on. We’re doing a mini-grant review in my Connected Studio Practices class. Putting together the images to be presented to a panel of outside curators has sort of made me pause and reevaluate my practice. That along with a critique I received on an experiment in Autobiographical Art has really got me thinking of how to go in new directions.

So far this semester, I have been really happy with where my work has been going. I have been selling my Zines and distributing in larger ways than I initially thought I was going to do. I have had people outside of of Chicago approach me and let me know that they have been enjoying Post-Punk Parenthood and presented on a panel of other parent Zines. Honestly, a lot has happened in a very short amount if time.

Having just sat down and reviewed a lot of my visual work, I am now starting to think about new ways that I can take this project. I am actually going to be working on a couple of video pieces in the near future. These video pieces are going to use new home video shot on my phone and will incorporate sounds that will juxtapose the images. I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THESE. Which is weird, because I have never really thought about doing videos.

I also just came across a few old rolls of film that I had never developed. I just picked them up from the shop and it turns out that they are a ton of photos that I had shot of one of my favorite bands, the Scissors. They just broke up a few months ago, so this find is pretty crazy. A few weeks ago, I also came across some photos that I had taken of another band from the scene at one of the final shows at the Fireside Bowl. I have no real idea what I am going to do with any of the photos yet, but I am pretty jazzed. I will probably start by making some sort of zine. Probably.

I also had a couple of drawings that I wanted to really delve into, but I might be putting those on the back burner until I get these other things going, mostly because I have not been this excited about starting something new.

It is weird how inspiration works. I really was not expecting to be going in completely new directions this late into the semester. I guess that says something about Interdisciplinary Arts in general, having the freedom and support to follow my art to where it mends to go. I guess I should go hit the studio and figure out how to edit video since we only have a couple more weeks left. How did that happen?