Those Who Can, Teach

Those Who Can, Teach

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Even though the semester just started you will be amazed at how quickly it flies by. I think it’s because there are so many classes I want to take and I can only do so many. Curse you Columbia College Chicago for giving me choices.

At Columbia you get an opportunity to enhance your technical skills with a variety of editing, writing, cinematography and even sound classes. When thinking of ways to make a living outside of the Columbia College Chicago you don’t need to limit yourself to pursuing the Hollywood dream.  You should think about looking at a teaching institution. It’s not always about being behind the camera. Sometimes we need to be in front of the classroom.

I want to let all the readers out there in on a secret. This semester I’m taking Teacher Training. This is a class I’ve been waiting for my entire film school career and is one of the reasons I came to Columbia to pursue an MFA. The class is taught by Wenwha T’Sao and is great prep for pursuing a career in academcia.

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It’s only been a few classes and we have already had great lessons and intense workshops. We learned how to approach cover letters and CVs and how to stimulate class conversation. We also work in conjunction with CITE (Center for Innovation in Teaching Excellence), which puts us in the position of bridging the gap between student and faculty.

What’s appealing about the idea of teaching is that you get to put something you love into practice and impart knowledge to someone else. Mentoring and sharing your knowledge through teaching can be an incredibly rewarding experience. And you’ll be in a greater demand when you are given the skills and the tools to be an effective teacher, communicator and applicant. It may sound trite but I truly believe, “those who can do and those who teach do better.”