Hobbies are Essential

I have never thought of myself as much of a hobby person, but lately I have found myself searching for more activities to do that are not directly related to my course load. It is not that I need more things to do, it is that sometimes I just need a distraction to clear my head and re-focus.Sometimes my hobbies change and that’s okay.  It’s not about finishing something to get attached to or really good at.  Hobbies are just little affairs that remind you that you are more than your current main focus. I have taken basket weaving classes, dance classes, attempted to learn new languages and many more random acts of distraction. Though most of my hobbies are short lived, they can also be ways of helping me find something I may be really good at or just interested in exploring further.

There are so many possibilities of activities to choose from: yoga, photography, painting, fishing, making jewelry, watching foreign films, eating exotic foods, collecting things.  The beauty of hobbies being non-committal is that you can switch it up every week. Your hobby can be to pick a new hobby every week! We live in a society that is strict about commitments. Commitments are important, but you do not have to be committed to everything in life; there are some things you can pick and toss like the wind, and hobbies are definitely one of them.