AEMM Grad Students Tell Their Story… in Tweets!

AEMM Grad Students Tell Their Story… in Tweets!

AEMM grad students chat about their experiences.

The AEMM grad students rap about their first year at Columbia College Chicago

Twitter is such a funny thing. You’re limited to the briefest of responses, and you have to be very good at editing, making up new words, and abbr. words, to fit everything you might want to say into such a limited character set. I recently read an older article from the New York Times that claimed that this abbreviated form of conversation is actually honing dialogue skills rather than dismantling them. Whether that’s true or not is a subject for another post, but these honed and candid answers regarding the AEMM program are loads of fun. Click onward to see the conversation as it happened…

#AEMMgrad Chat

The Arts, Entertainment & Media Management graduate students had a chat with Professor Kelly Page and Professor Dawn Larsen, faculty of the AEMM department. The following is the result of that conversation.


Join us for #AEMMgrad Q&A with @ColumbiaChi @cccaemm on Wed. 18, 3pm CST. #aemmgrad #rocks @paulsuwan @kelsey_hayenga @cccaemm @drkellypage

Fri, Dec 06 2013 09:51:20 
Ever wondered how the #Aemmgrad students feel about the MAM program @ColumbiaChi? Well you can find out today on the #aemmgrad chat @3pmCST
Challenging and a lot of fun. I’m excited for next semester as an #aemmgrad student.
Fall semester was challenging-which is exactly what I wanted from the #aemmgrad program! I definitely have a new perspective on arts mgt!
It was busy but opened up a lot of new doors for me! The first semester as an #aemmgrad went really fast! @dlarsenaemm @cccaemm
I wanted a hands-on kind of program. Where we learn about things and immediately apply them. Plus Chicago is awesome #aemmgrad
Wed, Dec 18 2013 13:21:51  
And I really liked the people I met when I visited at the open house. Really inspiring people doing really inspiring things! #aemmgrad
Wed, Dec 18 2013 13:22:42   
We studied a variety of nonprofit
arts organizations as #aemmgrad student groups. @dlarsenaemm @cccaemm
Wed, Dec 18 2013 13:19:08   
I love the variety of arts in Chi- everything from the symphony to to festivals to theatre to comedy. Plus, I love the vibe at CCC #aemmgrad
I’ve seen more comedy/improv this semester than ever! I loved the neighborhood festivals in summer. There’s ALWAYS stuff going on! #aemmgrad
Fundraising. Totally rocked my world. The prof was amazing. I never realized how inspiring fundraising could be. #aemmgrad
It’s not about money. It’s about changing the world. #fundraising #aemmgrad world.rocked.
Wed, Dec 18 2013 13:35:48    
@r_mrock Yes, Prof. Butera brings a wealth of experience to the class. #aemmgrad
Wed, Dec 18 2013 13:36:14   
Ive also loved the opportunity to work with our prof’s outside of class @drkellypage has taught me more than a semesters worth! #aemmgrad
Wed, Dec 18 2013 13:37:28   
You taught me so much too @r_mrock it was wonderful to connect to all the #aemmgrad students this semesters #wonderful peeps you all are
Wed, Dec 18 2013 13:39:33   
That’s too hard. I loved #behavioraleconomics and #accounting, and I liked that revenue
generation and marketing dovetailed. #aemmgrad
@dlarsenaemm Enormous experience and love of what she does – that changes everything. #aemmgrad
Wed, Dec 18 2013 13:38:29   
Mary Felice blew our minds with a talk on convergence!! I thought about things I had never thought about! The future is now! #aemmgrad
it’s really hard to pick out one moment. it’s been a whirlwind of amazing experiences! #aemmgrad
Jason Stephens with his aliens vs humans. He was so determined to help us understand economics at any cost! #perseverance #aemmgrad
Jason Stephens teaches ecob with more energy than the easter bunny! He made our class fun and exciting! #aemmgrad
@r_mrock sounds amazing! Did he work in the Zombie Apocalypse too? #aemmgrad
Wed, Dec 18 2013 14:02:37   
My favorite project was working on @TimeLineTheatre company, because it created a chance to help a growing company. #aemmgrad @dlarsenaemm
Wed, Dec 18 2013 14:05:03   
I’m helping to plan the #SXSW showcase for @AEMMPRock and @AEMMPHipHop! We’ve got some solid stuff coming to #Austin for #sxsw2014 #aemmgrad
Wed, Dec 18 2013 14:06:32   
Probably the development portfolio for fundraising. It really forced me to step out of my comfort zone. #aemmgrad
Who was the most interesting person in your #aemmgrad class ?
Wed, Dec 18 2013 14:16:17   
Oh my gosh! Our class is filled to the brim with brilliantly fascinating people! I’m so happy with our cohort!!! #aemmgrad
Wed, Dec 18 2013 14:17:52   
Everyone has such amazing stories and experiences. Not to mention that everyone is hilarious. We never get bored. #aemmgrad #adventures
Wed, Dec 18 2013 14:18:48   
I’m hesitant to say with a loaded word like “interesting”! We are so diverse in personality, background, and where we are going! #aemmgrad
Thanks to all for a great #aemmgrad chat! Happy holidays and see you next semester!
Thanks @dlarsenaemm for a great #aemmgrad chat. I really enjoyed. Have a #happyholiday as well. See you next semester everyone
Looking fondly back on the #aemmgrad chat. Look for a blog post coming soon! Featuring @drkellypage @kelsey_hayenga @r_mrock @dlarsenaemm