My Second City

My Second City

[flickr id=”11272096806″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”center”]I’ve come into Chicago by train, plane and automobile, and every trip is a little bit different; every time I see the Chicago skyline I think of the last page of Dave Eggers, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, “…finally, finally, finally.” Arriving in Chicago after being away for any period of time always gives me a sense of completion. Chicago feels so much like the finish line of a 3200 meter race, exhausted and happy I fall into it’s arms. Which is weird, because I’m from Denver, Colorado, not Chicago.

Chicago takes time to fall in love with. When I first visited Chicago I was overwhelmingly happy to be surrounded by so much activity, so much energy. Chicago is vibrant in a way that is both substantial and welcoming. I was immediately infatuated, and when I first moved here, I thought the honeymoon would last. Then life, as it does, got a bit difficult and I came to realize that this city is incredibly complex as well as incredibly beautiful.


The Palace Theatre, Downtown

Chicago is a challenging and rewarding place to live, with a vibrant arts and theatre scene. “The Guardian” named Chicago as the new liveliest theatre city ahead of New York, and walking downtown by the hundreds of venues it’s easy to see why. Chicago is the home to slam poetry started by Marc Smith, and continued by Smith at the Green Mill every Sunday night. I competed in one of the poetry slams, and got completely destroyed.

The Green Mill also happens to be a historical hangout of the legendary Al Capone. The Second City, Steppenwolf, The Art Institute, The Blackhawks, The Bears, The Sox and the Cubs, “The City that Works,” “The City of Big Shoulders,” Chicago is immense and it is immensely amazing.

Chicago is an ideal place to go to Grad school, with a world-class library (with a winter garden on the roof!), hundreds of museums, and a deep rich history. The city as a whole represents the melting pot of America in a way that few other places in the U.S. can. It’s home to 60625, one of the most diverse zip codes in the nation. The cities architecture was completed by masters in the field, Frank Lloyd Wright, John Root, Louis Sullivan, the cities architecture is so distinct that they have their own style named The Chicago School.

You can’t help but learn in Chicago. The city is a school unto itself, and every moment is an opportunity to experience something that will shift your viewpoint and benefit your understanding of the world. Chicago is an exceptional resource for a graduate education. Especially in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management. The city has over 200 acclaimed small theaters, holds national titles in every major sport, and houses Groupon, a Google campus, The Onion and thousands of startup media companies. Chicago is the place to be for graduate education. I might be biased because I think of it as my second home, but it’s also true. From someone who isn’t from here, welcome to Chicago!