Nearing the end…

Nearing the end…

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It feels so strange that I’ll be done with the Journalism, MA program exactly one month after posting this. Mostly, I feel panic when I think about it.  Thesis!  Final projects!But every once in awhile, I do feel relief. I’ll go from the intensity of grad school with three part time jobs to ONE JOB. Or two, depending on if I can get full time hours, but that’s another story.

What do people do when they only have ONE thing to focus on? I wonder if I’ll get into crafting again, or maybe I’ll finally try cooking? Maybe I’ll actually go to the gym more than once every two weeks.

I feel like the possibilities are endless. But there’s so much I’ll miss about this program, and I’ve gotten used to this life the past year and a half. I’ll miss the people in the program mostly. And I get scared…what if I didn’t take advantage of everything I could have while I was here? What if I missed opportunities?

Okay, that’s probably enough ruminating. I can’t sit around getting sad/excited. I still have to finish my thesis after all.