What MOVES you?

What MOVES you?

[flickr id=”10581543226″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”none”]There are so many exciting perks that coincide with being a graduate student in the Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling MA program here at Columbia College Chicago. One of the most exciting being the opportunity to become a member of MOVED, the student organization affiliated with the DMT&C MA program. This group truly provides us with an outlet to pursue our passion not only for movement, but for the profession of dance/movement therapy itself.

[flickr id=”10581743705″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”none”]Masters Organization Volunteering and Educating in Dance/Movement Therapy—or MOVED as we like to call it, is a student organization dedicated to spreading the word of dance/movement therapy as a credible and powerful healing technique throughout the city of Chicago and beyond. MOVED often sponsors events and volunteer opportunities for both students and faculty around campus and throughout the community of Chicago. This year MOVED participated in the NAMI Walk and raised a substantial contribution for the National Alliance on Mental Health. As a group involved with Columbia College Chicago’s student organization committee (SOC), MOVED remains in the forefront of maintaining dedication and professionalism within its practice, having even won organization of the year in the past.

[flickr id=”10581754696″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”none”]President Katie Bellamy, said that the mission of MOVED has exposed her to the importance of being not only a student, but also an educator and advocate within our field. It has also been a way for her to practice speaking about dance/movement therapy to the community. Katie stated that currently the executive board is working on developing a relationship with the Art Therapy students in order to network and learn more about our respective Creative Arts Therapies within DCAT.  MOVED is also working towards developing an educational session for the CCC undergraduate students. Katie admitted that she greatly appreciates the performance opportunity that MOVED provides annually for the dance/movement therapy and counseling students. Keeping her dancer-self alive has been a tremendous source of sanity throughout her journey here.

[flickr id=”10581694634″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”none”]I personally believe that one of the most valuable aspects involved with MOVED is the opportunity to not only get to know our own cohort better, but to also form relationships with the cohorts before and after us. It’s a beautiful thing to not only share passionate views about dance/movement therapy but to also spend quality time with these awesome people, and DANCE with them. Too easily we let dance take a seat on the sidelines as we continue to dive deeper into the stress of graduate school.  The dance opportunities that MOVED provides on both a performance and choreographic level is perfect for those of us who want to maintain a connection with this part of our lives, while continuing to spread the word of dance/movement therapy in a meaningful way.

*The annual performance this year is titled “MOVED By…” and will take place at Hamlin Park Fieldhouse, November 14 & 15 at 7pm with a $10 Suggested Donation. If you would like more information about MOVED or the upcoming performance check out the website: www.facebook.com/ColumbiaCollegeChicagoMOVED  or e-mail: moved@loop.colum.edu