When in the Belly of the Beast…*Breathe*

When in the Belly of the Beast…*Breathe*

Marie Cisco Interdisciplinary Arts, MA

Street Art 9/18/2013

These last few weeks have been incredible, scary, and challenging.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect or how to enter the work we were being asked to explore, but what I am sure of now is that there can be no hesitation when faced with the task at hand. Everything happens fast. Life begins to look and move differently and you cant seem to quite put your finger on what this change is or in what other ways it may manifest. In this program, I find myself surrounded by a group of amazing talented people and I find comfort knowing that I am not walking this road alone.

Though the people are great, moments of solitude have never been more important. Allowing myself those nuggets of alone time, no matter how small they may be, is key.

Juggling multiple assignments, gigs, jobs and maintaining relationships can really distract you from the reality surrounding you. It is not until you stop and survey your life that you realize you are in the belly of the beast and there is no clear way out. You are faced with yourself completely, and trying to fight your way out will just exhaust you.

So, when you find yourself surrounded by all you have to do and the only voice you hear is that of the beast….Just Breathe, and if nothing else at least you can breathe in sync with your own personal Beast.