I heart crit week

I heart crit week

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Last week was crit(ique) week and it was fantastic. This is the most I’ve been excited to watch crits in the last three years.This might be in part because only third year thesis students are presenting, which means I don’t have to be stressing out about putting together a crit presentation. I’ve also had the privilege of watching the progression of many of these thesis students’ work over the last year and it has been great to see how refined some of these projects have become.  Crit week has reminded me again why I love this program. We are an intensely supportive community that pushes each other to take risks and make the best work we possibly can.  Our faculty is engaged and present and will go out of their way to help us move our work from good to great.

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I unfortunately couldn’t attend every one of the crit sessions this week due to another job, but the ones I did attend were fantastic. I’m super excited about the variety of projects being made this next year. projects ranging from an open source toolkit for social activists, a truck being converted into a papermaking studio, a performance with an ensemble that consists of a clown, a bike, and a giant piece of paper, and a digital performance about a search for home in the american wasteland.

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The projects were amazing and so was the feedback. From 11am to 9pm, our faculty observed every crit presentation. This always amazes me. Not only are they physically present the entire time, but they remain engaged and continue to provide helpful feedback up to the last person.

Next semester, I will be presenting during crit week.  Seeing everyone’s work this last week has inspired and encouraged me to kick my art practice into high gear and make the best damn work I can to show at crit in the spring.