Conclusions II

Conclusions II

"I AM" book by Monica J. Brown

“I AM” book by Monica J. Brown

I finished my last class at Columbia and have completed my MA in Interdisciplinary Arts. At the beginning of the year, I was looking forward to this moment. To the finish line! Now that it’s here, I feel a little sadness. Endings…Endings are the start of new beginnings, yes. Yet, it’s difficult to say goodbye. I have truly enjoyed my time at Columbia. I feel enriched, expanded, and enticed to continue my pursuit of a creative life. What I will miss are all of the wonderful interactions that take place in a classroom setting—learning from instructors and peers, receiving feedback and sharing ideas, and having a weekly date for these meetings. I will miss the often hectic routine of preparing for and attending classes.

I’ll miss the letterpress studio! I’ve experienced so many wonderful moments in that room. I recall visiting that room during the Graduate Student Orientation. It is a room full of old wood—type and cabinets—and Vandercook printing presses lined up all in a row against a wall of windows. I was just in that room the other day, printing as the sun was beginning its descent in the evening sky, when a lovely, wondrous glow of golden light shined in through those windows. It was like a kiss from the muse after a long afternoon of work. I was finishing up a few book projects, before making my exit from Columbia.

I’m looking forward to incorporating all that I have learned into my ongoing art practice. I’m also looking forward to presenting my books & prints at the Weisman Exhibition in September. Maybe I’ll see you there…