Student/Faculty Dance Concert

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As I round the end of July, I am excited by the fact that the Student/Faculty Dance Concert is almost here.  One of the reasons that I chose to come to Columbia was that Columbia provided me with outlets to continue performing and creating with others in the department.  This has proven to be not only enjoyable but educational as well.  This opportunity has helped me to further my own creative process.  This is beneficial because being creative is such an integral part of being a dance movement therapist.  These creative skills can help a practicing dance movement therapist adapt to different situations that they may encounter as a clinician.While this experience has been educational from the standpoint of a dance movement therapist in training, it has also been therapeutic.  Having the opportunity to create with my peers has been inspiring and provided a release for me as a graduate student.  It has given me the chance to indulge in my own creativity while allowing me to collaborate with other members of my cohort.  These pieces have also pushed me personally and challenged me to grow.  For example, one of the pieces I am involved in is highly improvisational.  Because I am somewhat new to improvisational dance, this required me to reach out of my own comfort zone.  I also feel this has enhanced my ability to access the present moment which is such a critical skill to being a therapist.

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As I reflect on these past couple of months, I am excited to share the experience I have had with others in the department in the form of a performance.   The performance will be held at the dance center of Columbia College Chicago on July 25th at 7:00pm.  Tickets are available online or at the door.  Hope to see you there!