from "Branch & Bough" photo credit: Chen Zou

from “Branch & Bough”
photo credit: Chen Zou

The semester has ended. I will take a summer class–Art As Practice–and then that will conclude my coursework for the Interdisciplinary Arts MA program. It’s been a roller-coaster of a ride. Sometimes riding up slowly to the top in anticipation of that thrill of a free-fall feeling of coming down fast, wind in your hair, scream in your throat. Other times it was more like standing in line waiting for your turn. If you’ve ever experienced an amusement park, you know what I’m talking about: thirty minutes to an hour of waiting, two to three minutes of fulfillment. Sometimes that wait was pure procrastination on my part, or not feeling the muse, or being distracted and feeling pulled in too many directions at once.Maybe it was more like an “amazing race” against the clock–finding you’ve made it to the finish line, but only in order to rev up to make it to the next finish line. Or, like walking a tightrope–focusing with the intent of staying balanced–maintaining poise.

The fulfillment comes in seeing the fruition of all of the hard work: projects completed, performances produced, deadlines met. My studies are not quite done, but the next finish line is approaching.

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At the beginning of the semester, I was eager to be near this point. Now that I’m here, I have mixed feelings. Part of me is not ready for the conclusion. I’ve become accustomed to this particular rhythm and routine, to seeing familiar and friendly faces, to receiving the constructive feedback from instructors and peers. I’ve learned so much over the past year and a half–expanded creatively, tested and pushed past my self-imposed limits, and faced and overcome fears.

Completion equals new beginnings, like closing one door in order to open another. Actually, I think I’d rather leave a few of those doors slightly ajar for a continued connection to the people and places of Columbia.