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Finals time is finally here and in the midst of all the final papers and tests I have taken a break to reflect on my first year of being a part of the program.  Though the past year has been very challenging, I wouldn’t have changed it one bit…well…maybe I would have tried a little harder to avoid a couple all nighters working on papers–but that’s about it!  The beautiful thing about this program is that it promotes the very essence of our work as future therapists–Change.  For example, I have learned the importance of getting a good night’s sleep!  After all, how can I help my clients if I don’t make sure to take care of myself?  And while sleep may be difficult to come by this week due to finals, I am reminded of this: change is a process.

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So while I am still working on many things as a student of dance/movement therapy, I can honor the fact that change is a process and I am making progress.  When I first joined the program I thought I already knew so much about Dance Movement Therapy.  However, I have come to realize just how much there is to learn.  I have learned that this field is ever growing much like myself as student, and as it does, it is constantly evolving.  This led to my third and final realization about change–it’s constant.  So while I am still working on strengthening my skills as a dance movement therapist, I am looking forward to next year and the changes it will bring.

I cannot believe after one more year I will be graduating!  Well, not quite graduating–I have to finish my thesis first, of course–but I will have finished all classes!  Here’s to the process!