Goodbye Student Teaching, Hello Graduation!

Goodbye Student Teaching, Hello Graduation!

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My students were so amazing. I finished student teaching on May 10th, and as much of an adjustment as it was to get into the swing of the student teaching schedule at first, it’s been as big of an adjustment to not be waking in the mornings to teach! I’ve been missing my kids.The pictures above are of some of the fantastic watercolor self portraits my Art 1 students did. I taught them the proportions of the face using the eye as the unit of measurement, and I spent an entire class period just having them mix flesh tones before they painted themselves. I’m so pleased with the outcomes, and I hope they are proud of their work too.

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I’m also really happy with my cooperating teacher, Eric Hill. When you’re considering where to student teach, I can’t stress enough finding a good cooperating teacher. They should be someone who genuinely loves having student teachers, knows when to let go of control, gives useful and constructive feedback, and is encouraging. I really felt like I had my own classroom, and I feel like I worked so well with my students because he trusted me and let me take the reigns!

Tomorrow is Manifest, and I’ll get to show off some of my students’ artwork at the Education MAT show, and some of my students will be there along with my cooperating teacher! I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

Now, I’m about to graduate on Saturday. That’s utterly insane to me. I’ve spent the past two years pouring myself into something, and now it’s finally coming to fruition. May I have a moment of complete honesty, though? I tried on my robe… and I look like I’m drowning in shapeless grey fabric. Not cute, and what’s up with the tentacles on the sleeves? Who designed Masters graduation robes?! I think they need a redo. Can I belt mine?