Party at David’s and IMDB credit

Party at David’s and IMDB credit

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As the semester is drawing to a close, David McHugh (program director of the Music Composition for the Screen MFA) invited all of the first year graduate students to his home for a little get-together. We had a great time and he has an amazing place!

David lives on the 54th floor (the penthouse) of one of the most amazing buildings in all of Chicago. The building  is right on the lakefront and he was lucky enough to get one of the rooms that overlooks the lake. Fourteen huge windows panel the curved architecture and anyone that comes over is amazed.

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We had a great time eating pasta that David cooked up for us, as well as some appetizers and there were plenty of drinks to go around. The first year graduate students are all a tight group of people and it was so fun to spend an evening with them.

Between his house and mine is the Chicago Fire Department. The REAL Chicago Fire. I snapped a shot of it on my way over:

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This past week has been especially awesome because I got a call from Andrew Edwards, an adjunct professor of history and gaming (see the blog on him here), and he wanted some help with a documentary he scored called “Alex and Ali.” It is still in post-production, so I have not seen it, but the story is a wonderful call to humanity, if there ever was one. He had a few cues that he recorded at Chicago Recording Company on Ohio Street with a bunch of musicians that he personally knows (connections much?). He has two assistants from the program (a first year and a second year), and both were busy, so he gave me a call and paid me for my time to do some score prep. Also, I get IMDB credit, which is like gold to young composers. It was a great experience working with him, and one of the many opportunities that awaits students here at Columbia.