Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

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So, I just finished putting the final touches of formatting into my thesis and I will print it soon after. I’ve been done for weeks, but I kept putting off the annoying formatting part. So, all I have to do is turn it in after it’s all printed on special paper. Done and done and done and done!

Moving on, many of us are gearing up for graduating, making plans with our families and friends, planning moves, or looking for summer jobs, or both, or more. And it’s tough, but expected. There’s just this horrible space between when you apply for something and you hear back. Currently, I’m in that space. AND IT SUCKS.

I’m not complaining, but I am. I mean, it does suck. I knew it would happen and I was all like, yeah, I can take it, and I totally can, but I don’t want to. Some of my teaching applications went out in January and I’m still waiting. That’s to be expected, and really some schools reserve the right to only contact those they are interested in. Here’s the thing. I applied for schools in both Chicago and Seattle. Chicago schools are on my timeline, so I have a pretty good grasp of when to expect to hear things and when the semester ends and when the people hiring need to hire before summer break starts. BUT, for Seattle, most of the schools are on the quarter system. So, I’ve totally lost my grasp of when each quarter ends. In fact, many spring quarters end in mid-june, so there’s no rush to hire, like there would be in other states. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I’m no expert. This is just, as my son Elliot says, “a hypothesis.”

So, here I am waiting to hear about jobs. But in many ways, all of us are in the same boat, just sitting around, waiting to hear about our summers, and falls, and whatevers.

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Remember, this is the worst part. The waiting. But you have to do it; it’s part of the game. So prepare for it. Be ready for the space where you just sit around wondering. Have ways to cope with that stress. Hopefully healthy ways. I just want to stress, eat, and drink. For the most part, I’m finding other things to do. But I’m still waiting