Concerning Classmates

Concerning Classmates

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A lot of perspective students wonder about the camaraderie (or lack of it) that exists within the Music Composition for the Screen MFA program. Let me give you a glimpse into the last 7 days, and you can see for yourself.

To put it succinctly, we are a tight-knit group of people. We have grown to respect and rely on each other. I look to them for inspiration and ideas. I learn as much from them as I do from the actual courses. That being said, there is definitely still some friendly competition. I know what kind of quality work will be brought in, and I want to do my very best. But that doesn’t mean we won’t text each other while working on the assignments to see how far we are, what tempo we’re using, or what harmonic progressions work well.

When spring break started a few days ago, we were genuinely sad to not be having class together for a week. We were hugging goodbye and making plans with those that were staying in the area. We were thinking about seeing “Oz the Great and Powerful” on Saturday but, in the end, decided not to. A few people went up the Hancock tower and had some drinks.

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Yesterday, Batu and Brittany were so kind to come over to watch our daughter Olivia and help us move. Heather and I were so grateful for the help, and we had a lot of fun together. Brittany had to run to a meeting with a director to grab some footage that she is scoring, and Batu and I went out to lunch together before we both went to work.

It’s safe to say that these people have become some of my dearest friends here. We are not only a great support group while here in Chicago, but we also know each others’ strengths and can call on them while in LA. It’s an awesome system, and every cohort that has come through that I know of has had the same great friendship.

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So, you can feel at ease as you apply and get ready to attend the program. It’s a great experience, and you will love it.