A Brief Collection of Students’ Published Work

A Brief Collection of Students’ Published Work

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We are about six or seven months into the Journalism MA program, and it has been hard. We rely on each other a lot: to vent, brainstorm, and share each other’s excitement. Combined, we probably have thousands of rewrites, millions of pages of notes, hours of recorded interviews, and several empty bottles of wine.

But combined, we also have quite a portfolio. We have written about everything from tanning regulations to Chicago’s “no snitch” culture—and everything in between.

So today, I am proud to share with you a small collection of our work. For current students in the cohort, I hope this makes you proud. For future students, I hope this motivates you and validates your decision to join this wonderful and challenging program.

Logan Square Theater Offers Retro Look, Beer by Jennifer Tranmer, Twitter

Former Pilsen Gang Member Works to Improve Community by Yvette Cruz, Twitter

Legislation Seeks to End “No Snitch” Culture by Whitney Helm, Twitter

Illinois Looks to Ban Teens from Tanning by Mario Lekovic, AustinTalks Editor, Twitter

Balancing Act: Acrobatics Coach Strives to Take Youth to New Heights by Andrea Watson, Twitter

Families Find Summer Weather at Garfield Park Conservatory by Reema Amin, Twitter

A Chicago Teen’s Murder Goes Largely Untold by Patrick Smith, ChicagoTalks Editor, Twitter

And there is more where that came from! Everyone has had at least one story published, so make sure you follow me at @journalismMA because I try to tweet out everyone’s stories as they go live. I also linked to everyone’s individual Twitter, so go be inspired :)