Spring is Coming!

Spring is Coming!


Spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming… Chant this mantra once a day for the next ten days, and you will begin to see buds appear on trees, days growing longer, and flowers sprouting!

Daylight sayings time is one of my favorite times of the year. I think of it as a holiday. During the dark nights of the winter months, I tend to hibernate. The longer nights seem to signal to my psyche that it’s time to emerge. Spring is coming!

I was noticing last week how the light was filtering in through the window in the yoga studio I was teaching in, Tula Yoga Studio, and how that light wasn’t there at that time of the day the week before. Spring is coming!

A lovely winter snow day does not deter my faith in the hope that spring is coming. I know it will soon be here. That light that only shines in through a certain window during a certain time of the day signals it. I’m ready to unfurl, uncurl, stretch, and grow with the season.


The nights are longer. Spring is coming. You can join me for the unfurling, uncurling, stretching, and growing—on the yoga mat.