The Lady Loves Drama

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I am in an extremely lucky position where the school I am working at has a full-time Drama teacher. It also happens that my students started their semester with Drama just last week, so I’ve been able to spend time observing (and participating) in the class as they learn the basics of stage craft. In an ideal world, I would love to teach Drama. In a practical world (that knows those jobs are few and far between), I know that I can very easily integrate Drama into Social Studies and Language Arts lessons. A big reason I decided to pursue my general education certificate was so I could bring theatre to kids who don’t have a program at their school. But I have to say, the teacher at Boone is phenomenal, and he’s got me imagining exactly what I’d teach if I were to develop a semester of pure DRAMA for K-8 learners.

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One thing in particular that was great about observing in his classroom was the ability to watch him establish routines for the students on the first day of class. He greeted them firmly (reminding them to enter quietly) but also with a very friendly attitude. He assigned them seats immediately and gave them all numbers to use for when they’re playing games.

He also spent a lot of time on the first day developing the concept of community for the kids. He didn’t just talk about it though, he showed them what it meant by having them play games that emphasized team work. His rapport with the students is exceptional and has me thinking about how I interact with the kids. I already felt like I was pretty friendly and open, but going with the kids to Drama has allowed me to show the kids my silly side. And they LOVE it!

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I’m able to collaborate with the Drama teacher on the upcoming unit for his classroom. I suggested that the students focus on Chicago stories, and we’ve begun looking at texts that might transfer well to the stage. It’s a delightful perk of working at Boone and an opportunity I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t gotten such a lovely placement.