The Diegesis Release PARTY!!!

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On Saturday February 23rd, I celebrated the release of my third book, The Diegesis. As you may know (from my previous blog post about it), this book is a collaborative poetry-hybrid project I wrote with Chas Hoppe, with whom I studied in Western Washington University’s MA program. The reading was great! So many friends and strangers came out to support me and poetry and community. It meant a lot! SO MUCH!

This is how it came together: I was hanging with Tara and said, “I got this book coming out in Feburary, and I want to do a release party. Where should I do it?” And she said something like, “Duh, my place!”

So there it was—in a matter of seconds, I had a venue and host. We quickly invited Abi and Patrick to open the reading and talked about who else would be a good fit. I invited Nicole Wilson almost immediately, and we both decided that rock-star poet Nate Slawson would be a great addition. From there, we waited. I enlisted master designer and essayist Ryan Spooner to make the flyer, which he NAILED!

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I can’t say enough about the night. There were a lot of people—a lot of support, and a lot of fun! Patrick and Abi read some great poems and really showed the diversity and breadth of poetic range within Columbia College Chicago’s Creative Writing – Fiction MFA program. Nicole Wilson (who, as you may or may not know, is the goddess of all things MFA in the English Department. . . as well as my boss) KILLED IT! Nate Slawson is Nate Slawson. Man, I had yet to see him read, so this was a treat and an honor.

Then I read. I read a poem from each of my previous books then a whole slew of poems from The Diegesis. Of course, since Chas lives in Washington, he couldn’t be there. But I enlisted Jacob and Sarah (my poetry road trip friends) to reprise their roles and read with me. I closed out with some DIY poems. Then we all partied. Hung out.

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It was a great night! And it wouldn’t’ve been the same without the community established here at CCC. It just reminded me of the importance of a cohort who cares about each other’s work and accomplishments! I’m really lucky to be here and have these friends.

OK. Next post will probably be about AWP. But we’ll see.