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It was during Zoran’s Criticial Analysis of Contemporary Film & Video class last week, when we were discussing the dawn of the VCR and it’s impact on the film and television industries, that Wanda gave me the idea.

The required viewing for the class was David Cronenberg’s Videodrome. Released in 1983 during the height of the Hollywood vs VCR manufacturer legal battles and the Betamax vs VHS format wars, the film itself is a mad study on the influence of mass media. The discussion swayed to modern media consumption trends, and, naturally, the second-screen. It was then that Wanda noted how much more she enjoyed this year’s Academy Awards because of the #Oscars discussion on Twitter.

That got me to thinking, and the resulting thought crossed paths with the dreaded thought that I hadn’t yet started working on a blog post that was due in a matter of hours, and the result of that collision is a day in the life of Columbia’s Creative Producing MFA students.

No doubt it was an early start to the day for many in LA.


Next year we move to LA to finish the program. I’m glad Assya is already scheduling our Oscars day. Forward planning is good for producers.

Beth, however, had some more immediate manners to tend to.


Last minute works, too.

Not all the producers had as much time to get into Oscar mode. Wanda and Jess had been filming all weekend, so they had a lot on their minds. Jeremy had his plate full with work. . .


. . . but with the awards still some hours away, surely he’d get excited later. . . .


There were some nice original touches to this year’s ceremony. . . .


Lauren and I weren’t the only ones to notice the iconic soundtrack.


It was a really enjoyable show, and McFarlane did well. However, one of my personal highlights was seeing fellow Columbia film student A.J. Young take to the stage. Read more about that here, or listen to AJ’s interview on Chicago’s Fox 32 news here.


I’m glad to report that Wanda’s and Jess’ productions went off without a hitch, sorta ;)



Last Sunday may have brought the Hollywood awards season to a close, but you can keep with up Assya’s long-term plans and the rest of the producers’ Twitter musings all year round here.