Acceptance Letters

Acceptance Letters

Acceptance LetterPhoto Credit: Dan Mollison 

I remember getting my acceptance letter a year ago. I had been looking in the mailbox every day for a couple of weeks. Columbia seemed like such an awesome place to attend. The Music Composition for the Screen decision letters for this year went out and should have come to you by now. If you applied but haven’t received your letter yet, go ahead and contact the Graduate Admissions & Services Office to see if it needs to be resent to you.

Congratulations to those that made it in! I know it’s a big decision. I encourage you to come see the school if you haven’t yet. That was an excellent experience for Heather and me. Meeting David and seeing the space where we learn was a major factor in our decision making.

For those that did not make it this year, there could be any number of reasons. The cohort makeup and diversity is an important factor in admissions decisions. While you may not have fit in this year, there is definitely a possibility that next year will be a better opportunity. Keep working on your portfolio and follow the blog and twitter (@musiccompmfa) for tips.

Did you get in? Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re thinking!