Home Stretch

Home Stretch

Nature’s Healing Balm

School begins again this week, and I have been working up my motivation to get back into the swing and sway of things. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving my time at Columbia, but it’s always difficult to make it to the finish line. It’s mid-winter. It’s cold. But…days are growing longer.

Last semester, I often passed on events thinking that I didn’t have the time to do things, to see people, to go for a walk in the park with a friend—forgetting that those are the things that balance out the work. Yet, there was plenty of time for procrastination, as there always is…procrastinating and sipping wine…

Stress is not my friend.

Stress is my friend. I’ve gotten so much more work done in this last year and a half than any other year and a half in recent memory. I’ve looked fear in the face and given it a big fat kiss! I’ve been introduced to thinkers, philosophers, historians. I’ve started new friendships and dynamic working relationships.

Okay… I’m ready to go, moving with the flow, moment by moment; yet, I’ve also got my eyes on the finish line. I must say…I’m looking forward to the finish line.

This semester, I’m looking forward to making books, to putting Interdisciplinary Arts into a historical context, to attending art openings, theater, and dance events, and to reminding myself that there is space and time to feed my muse. She likes red wine, but she loves to meet other muses dancing.