Winter Break is Here!!

Winter Break is Here!!

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This break started off with a BANG! I read at the Dollhouse with Brian Russel, Kathleen Rooney, and Glenn Shaheen. It was the first time without Stephen Danos. :-( Though, he did Skype in and got to watch the reading from his apartment in Seattle! The readers were amazing! And I had a blast. Here’s a video of me reading, if ya’ll feel like watching it.

So, on Saturday, I had the Dollhouse.

Then on Sunday, Elliot, Em, Indie, and I went to the park, went grocery shopping, watched Dinosaur shows, played Dinosaur in the house, and I started reading The Golden Compass from His Dark Materials Trilogy

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On Monday, the family did pretty much the same thing, except I also had a Columbia Poetry Review editors meeting in Logan Square at Tara’s (editor and 2nd-year MFA). Our job was to order the manuscript for the next step of production. We started at 6:30 and finished around 12:30, with a few other fixes over the next couple days.

I am (we are) extremely proud of this issue, and the order is really solid. We wanted it to feel like a series of crescendos, moving all the way to the end. It feels that way, and some of my favorite poets are in this issue. It feels good to have something so cool to cap off my work as an editor. Though, I have to say the other editors really make it what it is. We are a good team. I will miss editing with them. After that, Patrick (editor and 2nd-year MFA) left and headed for a bus—none were running—and after FOREVER, caught a cab to the brown line and headed home. I got in after 1 and read a little before finally passing out.

I’m really looking forward to this break. I got a lot of reading planned—stuff I’ve been putting off since the fall and a lot of writing—and a whole bunch more of family time.

I’ll keep you posted over the break. Maybe my ongoing reading list or something…

We’ll see…

What about you? What are you/have you done this break?