Professional Practices and Processes

Professional Practices and Processes

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A few weeks ago, I grabbed coffee with faculty member Mat Rappaport. We had a great conversation. One of the highlights for me was our conversation about the idea of mastery.

Mat suggested that the place of mastery in the life of an interdisciplinary artist is in their process. I like that. I want to work on mastery in my process. I want to master the ability to get what I need, who I need, and when I need it so I can complete my creative projects. To that end, here are some resources I’ve found helpful in developing a professional artist practice and an effective process.

1. The Artist’s Guide

This book by Jackie Battenfield is a great book on developing a professional artist practice. She covers everything from time management to grant writing to finding multiple streams of income from your art.


This website takes its name from Thomas Edison’s quote, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” It’s dedicated to helping creative professionals move from idea generation to idea execution. They also came out with a book called Making Ideas Happen, which I haven’t read but looks like it could be very helpful.

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This website is dedicated to describing the landscape of possibilities that are available for artists of a variety of mediums in Chicago.


This is home to the largest database of grants, residencies, and artists scholarships in the world. There are a variety of resources available to artists on this site.

Now that I have finished the semester and some of the smoke has cleared, I’m taking some time to brainstorm and strategize for next semester/year. I have been doing a lot of mind mapping recently, which is a helpful way to get my thoughts organized. I’ve also started putting together a new creative calendar to help give me deadlines for my creative projects.

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