Getting to know AEMM: Joe Bogdan, Assistant Professor

Getting to know AEMM: Joe Bogdan, Assistant Professor

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Here is the third installment of my “Getting to Know AEMM” series. I interviewed Joe Bogdan, Assistant Professor in the Arts Entertainment, and Media Management Department and supervisor for Live and Performing Arts Management. This a great opportunity to learn more about what makes him tick!

Hi Joe. Please introduce yourself to the Marginalia readers.

I’m Joe Bogdan—I find myself wanting to regurgitate my CCC web profile. In addition to what’s stated there, and on a little bit of a personal note, I am a Chicago native who has lived near campus since 1998 and enjoyed watching the change of the neighborhood over the past 14 years (but maybe not so much its end result!).  I also like dogs (have 2) and am an amateur (very amateur) endurance athlete.  I teach Business of Live and Performing Arts (undergrad), Entrepreneurship (undergrad), Club Management: Practicum (grad/undergrad), and Managing and Licensing Intellectual Property Portfolios (grad).

What can students expect from the AEMM grad program?

An intimate environment with practicing industry professionals (both faculty and other students) focused on getting the most out of their learning experience.

What do you think makes the AEMM program at Columbia unique?

Let’s face it—it will always have been the first, remains one of the only, and will probably always be one of the finest arts programs focused on management. ‘Nuff said.

What is your favorite album/artist/show/production/etc? 

Music is my passion.  I’m fond of saying to my students: “I’m a white guy who was raised in the midwest in the 1980s. What kind of music you think I like?”  Metal!  Given my generation, bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest are my mainstay.  I’m not stuck in the mud, though, and so newer bands like Hellfueled and Adrenaline Mob are also on my playlist.

For more information about Joe and the courses he teaches visit the Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management website.